The Chosen Season 4
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From Humble Beginnings as a Short Film to a Worldwide Phenomenon Multi-year TV Series and Now a Three Part Theatrical Release

The long awaited season four of the smash hit series, The Chosen, opened Feb. 1st., becoming the first TV series to premiere exclusively in theaters. The full eight episode season four is showing exclusively in theaters before hitting its usual streaming distribution later. The series will first be shown in theaters as three multi-episode theatrical releases.

  • The Chosen Season 4 Episodes 1-3 showing Feb. 1-14
  • The Chosen Season 4 Episodes 4-6 showing Feb. 15-28
  • The Chosen Season 4 Episodes 7-8 showing Feb. 29 – March 10

The Chosen S4 Episodes 1-3 Trailer

The Chosen Season 4 Trailer

The Chosen is Not Your Typical Christian Content, it is Much Better… for Both Believers and Non-believers Alike!

The Chosen Cover

The Chosen is a top notch multi-season series historical drama following Jesus as seen through the eyes of those who knew him best. The show’s production values are extremely high with excellent acting, realistic sets, breathtaking scenery, beautiful cinematography, and great writing and directing. It has become such a hit because It takes a new unconventional approach to bring timeless stories to life. The series weaves complex fictional character narratives and backstories into the truth of scripture in a fascinatingly seamless way that is engaging to Christians and non-believers alike. Viewers can personally see how Jesus’ teachings can impact their own life circumstances through the rich tapestry of interwoven story lines of the highly relatable characters. The Chosen is truly must watch TV.

The Chosen Character Profiles



Mary Magdalene

Thomas & Ramah

Binge Jesus! with Angel Studios’ Streaming

The Chosen Season 1 Trailer

The Chosen Season 2 Trailer

If you haven’t seen The Chosen yet, check it out. You can catch up with this worldwide phenomenon by viewing seasons 1-3 through FREE streaming on The Chosen web site, The Chosen Roku/Android/Apple apps and other popular streaming services including Amazon Prime, Vudu, Kanopy, Tubi, Netflix, Plex, Apple TV, Peacock, Philo and Fubo. Then pop some popcorn, sit back and as The Chosen’s creating producer, Angel Studios, says: “Binge Jesus.”

The Chosen Season 3 Trailer

The Chosen Season 4 Trailer

Streaming Fan Extras: Afterparties & Biblical Roundtables

Streaming fans who watch the show on The Chosen App also have access to additional extra content including Livestreams, Afterparties and Biblical Roundtables. After each episode streams, some of the actors and/or writers get together to discuss the most recent episode in an engaging Afterparty. The Chosen’s faith consultants also get together to discuss the scriptural elements with director Dallas Jenkins in fascinating Biblical Roundtables for each episode as well.

The Chosen Episode Afterparties

The Chosen Biblical Roundtables

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