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A Nation and World Descending into Darkness

Did America Have a Christian Founding? Mark David Hall

As we look around the world today, one cannot help but see the descending darkness. It is all around us; it is palpable. From the widespread moral decay, corruption and rising violence in our cities to the wars and rumors of wars that are likely brewing World War III in the Middle East. Evil is rising.

Contrary to recent revisionist history, America is a nation that was founded upon Judeo-Christian values. As those Judeo-Christian values have been slowly and systematically eroded over the generations, it has led to the nation steadily descending into darkness. As Light is extinguished, darkness rises. When such deep darkness descends upon a once bright nation, it is only natural to seek out the Light that has been lost. And after finding the Light, to then shine that Light out into the darkness so that others may once again see.

We launched to help push back against the descending darkness. The name SeminaLux™ is derived from “seeds of light” in Latin. It is reflected in our tagline, Sowing Seeds of Light, and expanded in our slogan:

Sowing Seeds of Light in a World of Descending Darkness.™ Sowing Seeds of Light Logo seeks to shine the Light of Christian values, wisdom, inspiration and faith through a growing collection of values based 2D designs, illustrations and 3D animations. These values based creations may be shared on social media online or purchased on merchandise to help spread the Light and illuminate the darkness.

Starting Sowing Seeds of Light with a New Line of Silver Sage Scrolls

When darkness descends, the greatest source of Light is often found in the most influential and most read book in all of human history, the Holy Bible. So we’re starting Sowing Seeds of Light by launching the first two in a new line of SeminaLux brand bible verse scrolls. This new line joins the wider collection of Silver Sage Scrolls™ motivational posters with famous quotes that have provided “Inspiration through the ages.” These inspirational quotes are prominently displayed on a classic grayscale vector illustration of an ancient parchment scroll by award-winning digital artist, Michael Scaramozzino.

Launching the First Two SeminaLux Bible Verse Scrolls

The underlying concepts from these two parables, Sowing Seeds and Shining Light, come together to form our tagline: “Sowing Seeds of Light.” These custom illustrated bible verse scrolls may be shared on social media online or purchased on physical merchandise, to help spread the Light.

Sowing Seeds of Light into the Third & Fourth Dimensions with 3D Animation

We are initially launching the website with the first 2D illustrated bible verse scrolls to help bootstrap funding for future SeminaLux brand 3D animated content promoting family friendly Christian values. The 3D animated content will be produced in two successive phases and formats: the first phase will be in a micro-short viral video vignette format of 30 seconds each; the second phase will be in a short film series format of 3-5 minutes for each webisode.

SeminaLux 3D Animated Viral Video Vignettes

The first phase of our 3D animated productions will launch a new series of SeminaLux brand 3D animated viral video vignettes of 30 seconds each. These 3D animated viral video vignettes will bring bible verses to life in a brand new way to help spread the Word through online social media. These 3D animated viral video vignettes will be part of the Telebites 3D Animated CGI Viral Video collection. They will be produced in a similar manner to the following two examples, Trick Shot & Heads or Tails, but they will be based on bible verses rather than commercial ads as these samples were.

SeminaLux 3D Animated Short Film Series of Webisodes

The second phase of our 3D animated productions will launch a new ongoing series of 3-5 minute short film SeminaLux brand webisodes. These short film webisodes will be produced in a similar manner to the following award-winning 3D animated short films, BlastOff! & Fault Effect, as outlined in Michael Scaramozzino’s book: Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short. This new 3D animated SeminaLux Web series will promote family friendly Christian values.

become a sower

Sowing Seeds of Light in a World of Descending Darkness

Your generosity makes Sowing Seeds of Light possible by helping fund the creation of great new family friendly 2D designs, illustrations and 3D animations that shine the Light of Christian values to Illuminate the descending darkness.

Please help us shine the Light: by subscribing for new post email notifications; sharing our content; patronizing our advertisers; using our Amazon bookmark; making a donation; or purchasing our merchandise. Your generous support will help us produce more faith based content and reach more people with Seeds of Light.

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